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Feudo San Giorgio is an authentic farmhouse managed by our family in the heart of Sicily.

From the beginning, our fundamental values have always remained the same: a simple and familiar

welcome, genuine home-made ingredients, respect for nature and animals and the

maintenance of traditional agricultural activities. Since 2003, we have been welcoming tourists

passionate about farm holidays and sustainability, looking for a relaxing stay in contact with nature.

We value


Our structure wants to welcome you with frankness,

warmth and authenticity. Whether you have decided to

spend a holiday with your family or a romantic escape

in nature or you have chosen us to celebrate your event, we

will always be the same. We will be at your disposal to

advise you on the type of accommodation or service

that best suits your needs. In short, we are always on your side!

We value


We have been used since childhood, by our families, to

consider ourselves as part of nature, and choosing an eco-

friendly holiday  means striving to preserve it. We try

to teach it to our guests, especially to children, making

them rediscover the contact with nature and animals.

Here at Feudo San Giorgio, we avoid wasting water, food

and energy, and if you really care about these issues, we

are sure that you will be comfortable during your stay.

We value


Having done organic agriculture for over 25 years,

we know very well that our health is linked to what we

eat. Paying attention to all the ingredients we use in

our restaurant is a categorical imperative for

us. The menus we offer are based on tradition, freshness

and wholesomeness of the ingredients (and some of

them are from our farmhouse!).

We value


Living in a nineteenth-century complex is a unique

experience, but it is not so easy to welcome and manage

hospitality in a historic building. Inevitably, every

day, we need to carry out maintenance operations. But

the alternative would have been to  give up everything!

And therefore, forgetting the efforts of those who had

loved this area before us! The Madonie area , where Feudo

San Giorgio is located, is rich in artistic and naturalistic

treasures that are worth discovering and visiting. Not least,

as they were not affected by mass tourist flows, they

remained completely unspoilt. The result is truly

unique and unforgettable!

We value


Feudo San Giorgio combines agricultural and production

activities with recreational and educational activities,

to allow its guests, young and old, to rediscover contact

with nature and animals : in dedicated areas it is possible

to see Marchigiana breed cows , Ragusan donkeys,

sheep and laying hens , always respecting nature and

agro-pastoral life.